Air Connect

Secure remote connections to your data

Interact with your data: Anytime, anywhere.

Take Control

Centrally control prices on the fly from a remote location. Say you have 20 stores and you wish to have all stores selling items at a set current price, AX is the service that can fulfil those needs.

Delivery tracking, potting up tracking, product availability etc. All this can all be enabled on a mobile device using Dreamtree AX.

Ready When You Are

Dreamtree AX responds immediately to requests or commands from a remote device to provide information or perform operations on your data back in the office such as stock level adjustments, or create availability lists etc. Communication between your Android Mobile Computing Device (mobile phone) or a remote desktop program (such as an Epos or Website) is handled by this service either via a widespread local Wi-Fi service or by using a direct connection via mobile broadband services such as 4G. Thus it is possible to scan a barcode on a plant or batch of plants anywhere in the nursery and then perform a variety of lookups or a wide variety of actions.

Apps That Suit You

Dreamtree can provide tailored apps to run any of the various services such as stock taking, sales queue busting, self-checkout, Product availability builder, Sow Tracker, Cutting Tracker, Transplant Tracker, Potting Up Tracker etc etc.