Integrated Online Sales

Your Business, Your Identity

Your online presence is easily as important as a shop front, telling your story, guiding customers to products they’ll love and ultimately providing a means to procure your goods.

Fast & Effective

The amount of effort put in to find a product can dramatically influence potential sales, CX employs a visually descriptive layout where a customer can find and add a product to their order in as little as two clicks.

Optimise Trade Orders

Providing the an efficient ordering system makes all the difference for commercial sales, CX is capable of offering separate trade layouts with per-customer pricing and custom availability lists that integrate with Dreamtree labelling for high volume trade customers.

Make Your Website Work For You

Dreamtree CX synchronises with your current availability list, creating orders and keeping sock levels updated in real time, drastically cutting down labour requirements, so you can sit back and watch the money roll in with peace of mind that your customers are getting the best experience you can offer.

In A Nutshell…

Dreamtree CX Provides data synchronisation services with your Dreamtree website. When you have an online presence you will need to feed data such as plant availability lists to your site so your clients will be able to order online against your current list of available plants. Dreamtree CX achieves this seamlessly and provides fast and efficient updating of stock levels both to and from your web server.