Label Production

No Need To Beat Around The Bush

Labelling doesn’t need to be painful or labourious, it should simply be a fast, efficient form of communication that enables you to improve customer experience and drive overall sales.

You Have Better Things To Do

On-demand labelling is a key feature throughout the Dreamtree suite and what’s more, you can choose the point at which the labelling process suits your business. For example you may need tray labels or bench end labels to enable fast identification of a crop at any point in the production cycle. The labels you require could be created from the estimate process, or from the purchase order process, or at the point of receipt into the nursery potting zone.

Ultimate Control

Customised labels with client logos and bespoke icons relative to the product along with special offers are no longer out of your reach. Dreamtree TX offers advanced printer queue management along with multiple printer support. Label requests are advanced to a “Printed” zone and not deleted thus re-printing product tags is a breeze. The Queue manager also permits inline corrections such as quantity required and “Price”, barcode and description adjustments, without the need to refer to the original order. In a high volume press production environment, this level of control is ideal.

Choose Your Flavour

  • Everything you need to get producing labels right off the bat.

    An Ideal upgrade from your current printing software, the ever popular Label Producer is now available as standalone software – so you can enjoy hassle-free label production even before getting to know the rest of the Dreamtree suite.

    >> Standalone Version

  • Create and manage label production from all appropriate points in our software suite.

    Built into the heart of Dreamtree’s DX &amp DX Pro, Label Producer provides various levels of bespoke labelling for pots, trays, trees and other products. Whether you require simple waterproof mono pot labels to provide a name and description of a plant, or full colour labels with bench end posters & promotional material, Label Producer will deliver it all. Each finished product can have a label type defined so that even if you sell a mixture of perennials and shrubs, you can confidently print everything you need for an order from one button.

  • Direct integration with specialist printers and multiple print queues

    Configured to your specification and your printers, Label Publisher offers next level control through multi queue processing – this is ultimate printing.

Key Features

  • Production Planning

    Labels & Tags can be produced from production planning to enable easy labelling of stocks in production around the nursery. Complete traceability can be maintained using batch process management.
  • Sales Orders

    Labels & Tags can be produced from Sales Orders to enable fast and easy labelling of plants and tress with your client’s requirements such as prices, barcodes, colour logos, special offers etc.
  • Purchase Orders

    Labels & Tags can be produced from Purchase Orders to enable easy labelling of liners or plugs for identification while growing on or ready for resale. Labels can be ready for before your purchase arrives. Complete traceability can be maintained by labelling batches at point of source (ie delivery)
  • Stock System

    Simplest of all: direct labelling from stock. Ideal for Retail users or for Garden Centres
  • Specialist Printer Support

    Some specialist printers such require fully prepared images to be submitted to there respective management software, a task which Dreamtree TX performs seamlessly. Dreamtree TX allows the management of various combinations of colour label printers and specialist units. In addition, there are options for utilising high speed laser printers and other processes to achieve the goals set by your clients.
  • Standalone Version

    For those who just want to replace HLS – A stand alone version of Dreamtree Label Producer. Produce labels & tags direct from Dreamtree Plant Master Library.
  • Marketing Materials

    Specialised point of sale support such as posters and banners can also be generated direct Dreamtree TX Press