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  • Nursery Grower

    Fully Integrated Nursery Management

  • Commercial Grower

    Nursery Grower With Multi-User Support

  • All the basics needed by a nursery that grows to sell on where sales are made either through its own retail outlet or through other small retailers and garden centres.

Unlock Your Potential

  • Dreamtree is designed to address and surpass the needs and expectations of modern commercial growers in every aspect of their business, granting the opportunity to grow like never before.

    We aim to provide a unified and customised system that will reduce unnecessary manual operation and dramatically increase your business’ efficiency.

Upgrade Anytime

  • Cloud Data Services

    On-demand availability of system resources

  • Cloud Marketing & Sales

    Data synchronisation services with your Dreamtree website

  • Retail Management

    Fully integrated retail management that works for you

  • Advanced Labelling

    On-demand, integrated, customizable labelling – as it’s meant to be

  • Dreamtree is a modular solution that can be purchased as one or in parts, meaning you can have a lean system, precisely designed around your needs, or, a fully-integrated all-inclusive powerhouse. This makes Dreamtree an accessible and scaleable solution that grows alongside your business.

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Don’t Just Take Our Word For It

  • David Lodge – Bridge Nursery

    For many years almost every aspect of running Bridge Nursery has been dependent on an increasingly complex series of databases, spreadsheets and third party labelling programs.

    After many years of unsuccessful hunting for a professional solution that could accomodate our needs, I came across Dreamtree which seemed to be exactly what we were looking for. Over the past four years we have engaged Dreamtree in providing bespoke tools to accommodate areas specific to us.

    I can recommend Dreamtree as an excellent choice and we have not looked back since. I have always been impressed with the level of support only being a phone call away.

  • Deanna Craighead – Tandee Nursery

    After the pandemic We took the decision to invest in a stock system that would give us the facility to sell online should the need arise.

    We are neither a wholesale nursery nor a garden centre, we a a field in the middle of nowhere but grow and sell 100,000 plants to the general public market.

    Trying to find a solution was challenging but I came across DreamTree and over the last couple of years Peter and his team have tailored the software and hardware to meet our needs. We now have a comprehensive stock system with integrated labelling and EPOS system, this is all now linked to our website which I am delighted with. It is a process which I’m sure has tested Peters patients. It has defiantly been worth the investment. Many thanks to Peter, David and Andy.

  • John Marsden – Bernhard’s Nurseries

    We have now been using Dreamtree for the past 8 years and were particularly impressed with the changeover from our outgoing solution to the integrated Dreamtree approach.

    All our data was transferred whilst maintaining common codes and methods but streamlining the whole approach to growing and selling on. We no longer waste labels for the sake of small quantities and we have integration between our availability lists and our website. We continue to adopt each module of Dreamtree and look forward to further efficiencies as they come along.

  • Adam McGowan – McLaren’s Nurseries

    DreamTree was a fantastic investment for our company. The product itself is a great fit seamlessly doing what we want with minimal effort. Very clever reporting features and time saving order entry I would highly recommend. Excellent epos and accounts integration.
    I wish we had started with Dream Tree years ago.

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  • Have a look at our module picker to get straight to the point with what Dreamtree has to offer, and send us a request with your pick of the bunch.

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